A new type of social network.

Welcome to hūmNET

We’re building a platform for people to gather in real time,
around a common cause or hope, prayer or meditation.

Why do I need hūmNET?

hūmNET is for all of us to build together, to feel more connected to each other, to ourselves, to what matters.

For a loved one

Is someone you love sick and do you want to bring the family together to pray for them? Set up a humn and connect your friends and family for a minute of shared hope.

Advocate for good causes

Are you an activist for climate change? For social justice? Feel connected locally or globally, with millions of people committed to bringing about positive change, for a minute, around shared hopes, shared dreams.

Struggling with addiction

Do you struggle with addiction? Join an anonymous support group humn. Feel the power of dozens, hundreds, thousands of others, at the same time, all committing to themselves and each other.

Achieve personal goals

Are you trying to lose weight? Find love? Are you struggling with anger? Loneliness? Or do you just want to feel connected to something bigger than yourself? `

How it works

1Focus on the words in the center of the humn circle.

2During the humn, follow the glowing circle of light with your finger.

3The circle will glow brighter as more people join the humn with you.

4After the humn, there will be options to help you get more involved.

Prayers for Ukraine

Created by HūmNET

92 Attended

02-19-2022 13:00 30 Seconds

Repeat daily

Thank you for taking part in today's humn for Unkraine.

This will be a daily humn so please spread the word and come back gain.

Go to www.humnet.live/Ukraine to donate to the top U.

hūmNET's community is growing

We're not ready to unveil the full platform yet, but we’re rushing this out because it’s our belief that the people of Ukraine need our support; that over 2,000,000 refugees might find strength feeling the presence, for 10 minutes a day, with their countrymen and with the world, all focused on supporting them.







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